Thursday, 27 June 2013

Cute Tamil Baby names

To give a name to a child is an overwhelming experience for parents. When the baby comes into the world, the whole life changes for the parents.Well being of Baby becomes their topmost priority. The first and foremost responsibility of parents is to give a cute, unique and modern as well as meaningful name to thier baby, because the personality of any person revolves around his or her name. Name has a very important role in defining the overall personality of a person. Specially tamil people prefer to keep their baby's name with utmost care. Generally tamil names are based on the names of Gods and Goddess. Some names are of sanskrit origin. While choosing baby name, rashi and the birth nakshatra of baby is also kept in mind. Some people keep Tamil baby name for their baby on the name of eldest member of the family.
Some parents make a unique and cute baby name by combining the name of mother and father. They choose some letters of mother's name and some letters of father's name. If you are also creating a combination name for your baby, you must ensure the baby name should be meaningful. While choosing a cute tamil baby name, the parents should also ensure that whatever name they choose for their baby, it should age well. provides a large collection of tamil baby names for boys as well as girls.

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